Idea and production: Designista
Design: Lina Åberg

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25 pairs of breasts, and none looks like the other!
Breasts have always been a source of discussions. We easily believe that the exposure of breasts is a modern phenomenon, but the art history is full of naked bosoms. Just have a look at the deep cleavages of the 18th century, the luscious shapes of the baroque or the small and firm breast that were at the height of fashion during the renaissance.
Today the ideal is a perfect D, but the majority of all women are quite satisfied with their non-perfect asymmetrical breasts.
You'll meet some of these women in Tuttmemo, well, or their breasts anyway. The game is meant to be an entertaining table game with pretty motives, but if the game can also lead to discussions about beauty ideals in our society, it's a great bonus.